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World history homework help

World history homework help. Continuity and Change in Modern China
John King Fairbank and Merle Goldman, China: A New History, Second Edition, (2006)….
“Other economic reforms introduced in the mid-1980s also resembled developments in late nineteenth-century China.  The establishment of Special Economiz Zones and foreign-joint ventures along China’s Southeast coast, the Guangdong delta, and the Yangzi River were reminiscent of the former treaty ports. The major difference, however, was that in the late twentieth century it was the Chinese government and domestic enterpreneurs rather than the foreigners who controlled the zones and the joint enterprises….Another difference from the treaty ports, which had been dominated by Western nationals, was that in the 1980s almost 70 percent of the foreign investments came from overseas Chinese, especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Many of their ancestors had left China’s coastal areas centuries earlier in search of better lives. They made their way first to Southeast Asia and then, starting in the mid-nineteenth century, to the Americas, where they prospered as merchants and professionals. Unlike Mao, who had rejected their offers to help China in the 1950s, Deng early on encouraged overseas Chinese in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore to invest in China. By the 1990s, Tiawanese businessmen were increasingly interacting with the mainland. The capital, entrepenurial savvy, and management skills of overseas Chinese, plus their family contacts and familiarity with Chinese culture, contributed to making China’s southeast coast one of the most dynamic regions in all of Asia.  Their enterprises, coupled with the influx of Western and Japanese firms, accelerated China’s move to the market, involvement in international trade, and rapid economic modernization, thus further reducing economic control by the party-state.” (p. 413-414)
After reading that lengthy passage, please reflect on the following question for your final exam essay: From the Ming Dynasty to the late 20th century, what aspect of China—politics and foreign relations, the economy, society, or culture– changed the most? And which the least? Why?
The essay should include an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The page length is between 1 and 3 pages double-spaced, although if you write more I will not deduct any points. It is not intended to be a comprehensive exam, but instead a chance for you to reflect on the themes of continuity and change in the history of China. Your answers should be highly subjective and eclectic in their analysis and examples from the past and creativity, originality, and evidence are the main criteria used to evaluate the exam.

World history homework help


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