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TPCAK Model And Student Online Own Experience

1. This extract below is the view of a kindergarten teacher about the use of technology in her classroom.

“I think I am little scared to use the computer. I am scared because I am not sure if I can use it and so I don’t permit  children to use it during the day. Once I have just used it, I have observed the children to be interested about it. However you have to develop some rules about its(computer) use by the children. You have to determine the queue that children have to follow in order to be assured that all children will have the opportunity to use it. You have to observe them if they use it correctly”.

What kind of Knowledge is evident in this extract, according to the TPCAK model?

2. Considering the purpose of online education and the associated benefits and disadvantages discussed you may know, please reflect on your own experience as an online student and create a brief learning log (max 400 words) in which you describe your experience and how the online education contributed to your experience as a student


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