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the following independent situations.

Comment on the availability of head-of-household filing status in each of the following independent situations.

a. Al lives alone but maintains the household of his parents. In July 2012, the parents use their savings to purchase a Lexus automobile for $62,000.

b. Bree maintains a home in which she and her father live. The father then enters a nursing facility for treatment for a mental illness.

c. Chloe a single parent, maintains a home in which she and Dean, Chloe’s unmarried son, live. Dean, age 18, earns $5,000 from a part-time job.

d. Assume the same facts as in (c) except that Dean is age 19, not 18.

e. Chee is married and maintains a household in which he and his dependent stepson live.

f. Evie lives alone but maintains the household where her dependent daughter Zoe lives.

g. Frank maintains a household that includes Georgia, an unrelated friend who qualifies as his dependent.


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