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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. Assignment Description:
For the Summary Reflection, respond to the following two questions in a 1.5-2 page essay that incorporates at least THREE class resources (which can include readings or videos). Abide by the nuts-and-bolts requirements provided at the end of this handout, and feel free to use apersonal “voice” in writing your reflection.
This assignment is valuable to me as a professor in that it reveals what students found most meaningful, important, and/or interesting in a course, so candor and personal reflection are especially welcome in this Reflection.
Assignment Questions:
Imagine that 20 years have passed since you have taken this course, and you are reflecting upon its lessons. What three important take-away messages or conceptsfrom this class will you recall or value at that time? Please elaborate on the meaning and importance of these ideas/concepts to the sociological study of sexuality
Briefly tell a vignette or offer a reflection upon the most important or memorable aspect of this course for you personally. What will you remember about this course in five years? What component of the course has most impacted how you think about sexuality and culture in the United States, and what is the form of that impact?
Nuts and Bolts:
References: 3 course resources, which may include a combination of course readings and videos
12-point font; Times New Roman; double-spaced
1” margins throughout
Minimum length = 1.5 pages; Maximum length = 2 full pages
Fully paginated
In-text citations and References Page required
APA formatting throughout

Sociology homework help


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