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Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help.

Analysis Paper double-spaced ONE-page analysis papers. This paper is an opportunity to explore how concepts presented in class and/or the readings relate to the real world. Your paper will be evaluated on the conciseness and depth of your analysis as well as on the quality of your writing.
Article: Schools once refused disabled kids — so this mom started a revolution
Relate this article to the course material, theme in general, that we have discussed so far, as well as content covered in week or chapter. Ideally, your paper will cover material from the current week, but you are free to draw on material that we have already addressed.
Your papers should reference a quote in the article that you found particularly intriguing. Please place your quote at the top of the page and italicize it.
Your first paragraph should summarize the article.
Your second paragraph should explain why you think the quote is important in the context of how it relates to the class material. In other words, put this article in dialogue with the class material; how does the article relate to the class material and vice versa.
Your third paragraph should explain why you think the quote is important in the context of how it relates to disability in society in general. That is, how does the article speak to social norms related to disability and/or the challenging of social norms related to disability.
Please remember to double-space your paper and aim for a full one page of writing.
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Social Science homework help


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