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Review the Case Study Guidelines document for preparing and writing your report.




Grading Rubric for Case Studies IHP 330 Principles of Epidemiology 

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  • This rubric is adopted from the Association of American Colleges and Universities LEAP Initiative

Strategy: Review the Case Study Guidelines document for preparing and writing your report.

Purpose: Demonstrate an ability to synthesize course material, knowledge, expertise with new information and draw meaningful conclusions.

Benchmark indicates the minimal expectations. This assignment has 5 critical elements worth up to 2 points each, for a total of 10 points.


Critical ElementsProficient2Accomplished1.92Benchmark1.6Below Benchmark1.4
Explanation of IssuesIssue/problem/questions are considered critically and addressed clearly and described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information to answer stated questions.Issue/problem/questions are considered critically, answered, and clarified so that understanding is not seriously impeded by omissions.Issue/problem/questions are considered critically, answer is stated, but description leaves some terms undefined, ambiguities unexplored, boundaries undetermined, and/or backgrounds unknown.Issue/problem/questions to be answered critically are stated without clarification or description.
EvidenceSelecting and using information to investigate a point of view or conclusionInformation is given/taken from the case with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis of expert viewpoints with logical conclusion of evidence. Information is given/taken from the case with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a coherent analysis or synthesis. Viewpoints of experts are analyzed and questioned, leading to a conclusion of the evidence. Information is given/taken from cases with some interpretation/evaluation, but not enough to develop a coherent analysis or synthesis. Viewpoints of experts are taken as mostly fact, with little questioning and no conclusions.Information is given/taken from cases without any interpretation/evaluation.Limited sources from peer-reviewed journals. Viewpoints of experts are taken as fact, without question or synthesis of conclusions.
Influence of Context and AssumptionsThoroughly (systematically and methodically) analyzes own (if applicable) and others’ assumptions and carefully evaluates the relevance of contexts when presenting a position. Is mindful of the contextual principles of the specific discipline for which the student is enrolled, applies cultural considerations in case analysis.Identifies own and others’ assumptions and several relevant contexts when presenting a position. Is mindful of other’s assumptions and considers cultural considerations in understanding and analyzing cases.Questions some assumptions. Identifies several relevant contexts when presenting a position. May be more aware of others’ than of own assumptions (or vice versa). Shows awareness of cultural considerations in analysis of case.May make assumptions about contexts, without identifying influence on position. Awareness of the cultural influences of the case is not evident.
Writing Mechanics/StyleFlow of Syntax is effective paragraph-to-paragraph and sentence-to-sentence. Paper is well organized with a compelling introduction, well-developed body with analysis, and conclusion where applicable. Few syntactical errors that do not affect clarity. Paper is well-organized and has a strong introduction, body, analysis, and conclusion where applicable.  Flow of syntax may be choppy, with slight distraction of readability. Paper is organized and has an introduction, body, and a conclusion where applicable.Several syntax errors that distract from readability. Paper has an elementary organization with introduction, body, and conclusion.
APA Formatting and CitationDemonstrates greater than 95% compliance with APA format and spelling and grammar rules. Attribution is well documented, indicates synthesis of several authors. Report is within page-length criteria.Demonstrates 85%-95% compliance with APA format and spelling and grammar rules. Appropriately and accurately paraphrases and summarizes sources without distorting original meaning. Report is within page-length criteria.


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