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research is a method of research

2 Page paper only. Title page and a reference page. APA format, NO Bullets, no semi colons, no backslashes or symbols. NO PERSONAL PRONOUNS. no underlining or bold text no pictures or graph. Paper should be typed in Ariel/New Times Roman 12 font double spaced. page number in upper right corner. SHOULD Have an INTRODUCTION and A Conclusion ONLY one cite and only one scholarly article NURSING PROCESS make sure you include ADPIE

ction research is a method of research that is initiated in order to solve a problem that may have arisen. Individuals or teams working with each other to solve the problem and address the issue lead this research. This process requires active participation of the researcher in the whole research process. Action research may be undertaken by large institutions in order to improve their practices and strategies and subsequently their output. In the case of large organizations, they require the help of a professional researcher to undertake the study. A researcher is a person who performs a general but systematic investigation in order to establish facts. They can work in sectors such as medicine, academic, industrial and private organizations.

The researcher has several roles in the process of research. Such roles include facilitator and data collector. The researcher is the facilitator of the research. This means that he or she contributes process and structure for the team to function effectively during the research process. Data collection is another role of the researcher. This is because he or she is the person concerned with the process of collection and compilation of the data obtained from the study. The process of compilation is the analysis of the data collected is important because it provides the results and conclusion of the study.

There are two broad classifications of researchers. They may be eithe


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