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2. Initial ambient test: The ambient test is an extended run in test of the assembled monitor and its assembled components atroom temperature. Workers test monitors in batches of six. It requires eight minutes of set-up time per monitor to prepare aunit for testing (connecting components to test equipment). Once the six monitors are connected to the testing equipmentit then requires 240 minutes of ambient (run) test time. There are ten testing stations, each capable of supporting sixmonitors, and two workers (working independently) at this stage. The only labor requirement at this stage is for the set-up time. Once the set-up is complete, the test runs with no worker (labor) involvement. The testing equipment willautomatically shut down upon completion of a test, so you can assume that workers set-up and initiate tests for the fullworkday. (In other words, it is not necessary to stop initiating tests so that all tests are completed by 4:30 pm – the end ofthe workday.)3. Ambient offset: The ambient offset step is a 1-minute 48-second process that occurs upon completion of the ambient test.This task involves disconnecting the monitor from the testing station and moving the monitor to the lot rack. When therack is full (60 units) the worker moves the rack to the next production step (Step 3). The 1-minute and 48-second time isa per-unit time, as the worker disconnects and moves one set of components at a time. There is one person assigned to thisstep and there are no machinery requirements.4. Front-end parameter testing: The FE parallel connection step requires 10.5 minutes of processing time. There are twoworkers and two machines, each working independently, at this process step. .5. Label and final assembly. There is one worker and one machine at the labeling and final assembly step. In total, labeling andfinal assembly requires five minutes of processing time per monitor.6. Final Inspection: The final inspection step requires 1 minute of set-up time and 3.3 minutes of processing time. There is oneworker and one machine at this processing step.7. Packaging: Packaging requires two minutes of processing time. Packaging involves boxing the monitor and adding it to thepallet for shipment to Lubeck. There is one worker and one machine at this processing step.Production steps, process times, and resource allocation, while representative of actual processes at Drager, are disguised for competitive andconfidentulity purposes.


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