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Questionnaires and surveys

Questionnaires and surveys are well established techniques for assessing project risk. GU has been a learning process to this point. In your paper include the benefits of these techniques to manage risk throughout this project. Attach an example of each (questionnaire and survey) that you would use for the GU Project. You may be creative addressing areas, not directly discussed to this point. (Suggestions might include: end user concerns, rollouts and implementation, equipment, resources, and transparency).
Just create some sample survey questions, about 3 is enough.
3 sources (1 can be from internet)

Overview of project

GU has selected a system to replace its current learning management system. This system will impact thousands of students; hundreds of instructors; and many corporate office employees including those who support students. The system will be piloted to Nursing Graduates in early April with plans to roll the system out to all students in all courses by the end of July. The system must be available to students globally via the internet and the database must be open and accessible to provide a multitude of data for reporting and analytics. Included in this project are a new student portal and the ability for students to receive grades and information about classes through mobile devices


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