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 your brief description of the scenario you selected. Then explain at least one possible impairment exhibited by the counselor due to vicarious trauma and the impact it may have on the counseling process. Then, as a counselor, explain how you might address the impairment. Be specific and provide examples referencing at least one sub-section of the ACA code of ethics or one sub-section of the ASCA code of ethics. Respond to a colleague who selected a different impairment or the same impairment referencing a different section of the code of ethics. Identify yourself as a master’s student at the beginning of your post.
Learning Resources

  • Course Text: Secondary traumatic stress: Self-care issues for clinicians, researchers, and educators
    • Chapter 12, “Ethical Issues Associated with Secondary Trauma in Therapists”
  • Article: Bride, B. (2004). The impact of providing psychosocial services to traumatized populations. Stress, Trauma and Crisis: An International Journal, 7(1), 29–46.
  • Article: Frandsen, B. (2010). Burnout or compassion fatigue? Long-term Living: For the Continuing Care Professional, 59(5), 50–52.
  • Course Text: Quitangon, G. & Evces, M. (2015). Vicarious Trauma and Disaster Mental Health: Understanding Risks and Promoting Resilience. New York: Routlege


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