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Physics Lab

This is the first lab:  The more you explain each step in what you are doing, the better your score…  I grade each of these separate;    In a bound composition book, not tablets, spiral notebooks, or typed reports…. Use the composition book with gridded pages… Half the points will be deducted if not in a bound composition book.
Slow down, don’t just rush to the data or to finish the lab…. Give a good introduction… Explain each of the 7 items clearly as you present them!!!!
Data, and tabulations
Calculations ( not repeated) 20 times show me a sample and Tabulate all the results
Table or graph…do not forget stats
Analysis and Conclusion ( best advice…2-3, 4 pages, WRITE WRITE like you are trying to get your mom to understand).  Ask questions today if not sooner, get a good start.


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