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p Management homework help

p Management homework help. Week 10-SMART PEOPLE
We are in unchartered times and reflecting this week’s discussion in terms of organizational behavior,  the relationship between our reading and what is going on in your community, workplace, an organization or even the medical landscape regarding COVID-1 may be appropriate for the coursework.   If you prefer to continue along the track with your selected topic, that is also acceptable and will assist to build the next paper.
For this week, please read the article on helping smart people to learn by Argyris (1991).  The first is cited in HBR (2011);  the second is to read the original article from the following website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  If you use the website, you can use (Argyris, 1991) as in-text citations and reference as below.  If you use HBR, then it is Argyris as cited in HBR (2011). You may also use any of the other readings provided in the class in support of the work and include in the discussion. This article is excellent: (Links to an external site.)
This week’s topic looks at how some “smart” individuals who have been in business for a long time or who have gotten used to doing things in a specific way can actually be detrimental to a company.    Although many are gifted it may be that fact which can be a downfall for them and their businesses.  We have all heard of a single point of failure and there are many good case examples to research about the ineffectiveness of doing the same process the same way for tradition or lack of ability to change.   The list is long- you should have no difficulty in completing a rich discussion on this topic.
Discussion:  After reading the assigned readings, please discuss what it means to be a smart person and do you agree with the article that was written in 1991 that smart people can learn about how to implement teaching skills as talked about in the article/s.  What do you think about the concept of smart people learning?
Also, please apply critical thought with examples from an article, use of the text, or business scenario that demonstrates effective or non-effective learning and the impact of outcomes either on people or direct business results.  You may use observed scenarios derived from your work history, a business, a sports team or classroom experience to highlight whereby a “smart” person was or was not able to alter his/her behavior and thus workings of the team or business could or could not excel.  This is flexible in nature so you are able to clearly articulate your thoughts and what you learned from the article, and can then apply this to explain a real business, team or outcome.  1-page limit. Please use APA in the discussion post.
Argyris, C.  (1991).  Teaching smart people how to learn.  Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Christensen, K, (2008) “An interview with Chris Argyris” Rotman Magazine Winter 2008 pp. 10-13.  (Links to an external site.)
Harvard Business Review.  (2011).  HBR’s 10 must reads:  On managing people.  Boston, MA:  Harvard Business
Review Press.

p Management homework help


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