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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Do your best to answer each question thoroughly and provide examples for full credit.

  1. During the first half of the course you have created project deliverables for your organization’s software acquisition of a CRM package.


  1. What have you learned thus far as a project manager when it comes to acquiring new systems? (Hint: talk briefly about the importance of all the documents you’ve prepared, all the planning you’ve learned) ex:

– Software Requirement Specifications document-SRS
– Project Charter
– RFP & RFI document (state the purpose, Style of the doc, Advantages for each)
– Vendor solution
– Scheduling

  1. We plan to succeed but then we don’t. Explain why? Then list & briefly discuss the 8 steps of how to develop a risk management plan


  1. Describe the reasons why a WBS is a necessity in any project?


  1. Name at least five things you can find out by reading the project plan.


  1. Explain why PERT/CPM is important in any project?


  1. It is of utmost importance be engaged in the Due diligence process before selecting any vendor. Explain what is due diligence? And why it is so important?


  1. What makes a good resource plan? What does it include?


  1. Poor planning is one of the major causes of failure. List & explain the entire Project planning steps needed to succeed as a project manager


Operations Management homework help


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