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Old World Epidemics

Epidemiology Assignment 1: Old World Epidemics

Imagine you are a Historian studying epidemics throughout history, and the impact that these epidemics may have had on the affected populations. 

The goal of this assignment is to learn how to build a table from the available data, to find missing data, and to identify areas where no data is available.

One simple way that we organize data is to compare it side by side on a table.  You can use the attached excel file to build your table. You will use the information about old world epidemics in Chapter 2, p10-11 and p. 13-14, and organize it in such a way as to compare the events and put them it into a historical perspective. 

Use the attached Excel file as a template for a table to sort out all of the epidemics described in the passage. Fill in the spaces with information that you find in the passage. For the information that is not given in the chapter, you should look up information on the internet.  If you can not find the information, type  “unkn” in the cell. If for some reason you can not use an excel file, you may type it into a Word or Pages file, or another format that will work for you.

You may find it difficult to fit too much information into a small excel block. The blocks will expand to fit your text, however you don’t have to write large amounts of text. You should be succinct. If you prefer, you can just write a couple of words and put a numerical footnote in, to refer your text in a Word file. DO NOT COPY blocks of text to paste into the table. That would be plagiarism. Use your own words and keep it succinct. Include the link for any website that you use as a reference. 


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