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This assignment is due on Saturday March 23,2013 at 10 AM EST , One of the assignment is a continuas assignment that you completed part one last week , and the secound is a ppt . For the one which is a continuation assignment , you have to refere to my act and see the solutions to the last paper you send to me with ID ending in 82. But also i have giving you all the details you need in the attached file . if you have aany dought contact me and i will be happy to give you more imformation . In the other file , it is require that you construct a PPT, it is important that you follow the instructions and do just the right thing as require. The have to be at least 9 slides and 100 words of speaker notes for each of the slides . The slides itself need to have at least 4 bullets points of sgort sentences , and 100 words of speaker notes for each to elaborate on the bullets points . In text citations is require in the speker notes , and also you must use APA format . you must also address all the requirement for the PPT stated in the file , and a reference slides must be included at the end ( title and reference slides not counting to the 9 slides). Please let me know if you dont understand anytrhing rather than do the wrong stuff.Document Preview: 

Part 2
This is the continuation of part 1 of the assignment with the transtutor ID TTs130313_11261_82 , so it will be important for the writer to refer to the solutions of that assignment as that is part one to be able to complete this section .This is due on Saturday March 23, 2013 At 10 AM EST . APA and in text citation must be used for the entire assignment , and must also include a reference list all in APA format . The similarity scores cannot be more than 15% for this assignment.
To recommend your solution to the problem, add a section of 4 pages that includes answers to the following questions:
•What is the importance of implementing a quality improvement process to reduce the incidence of the safety issue? (the transfer of secondary infections to patients while they are in treatment facilities)
•What would be a method of application of the quality process to the safety issue?
•What Quality & Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) standards are met by the implementation of this method?
•Present your work in a scholarly manner, using APA format.





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