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Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory.

Reflect on the tenets of the Theory of Humanbecoming and its core concepts and assumptions. Then compare and contrast how the core concepts currently apply to your nursing practice versus how you anticipate they will relate to your future practice as a family nurse practitioner. Please identify at least 2 specific assumptions of the theory in your discussion as outlined in your textbook.
Use the chapters
Chapter 14: Martha E. Roger’s Science of Unitary Human Beings
Chapter 15: Rosemarie Rizzo Parse’s Humanbecoming Paradigm
Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (Parker, Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice)
Authors: Marlaine Smith PhD RN AHN-BC FAAN; Marilyn E. Parker PhD RN FAAN
Edition: 4
I attached the power point referents to this chapters.
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Nursing Theory


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