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This requires a 2000 word creative essay on one topic out of three topics provided. Details are under the Assignment section. Note that for the creative essay we are expecting you to provide evidence in terms of references for the various points expressed not just on personal experience working in the laboratory. We would expect description of management theories as appropriate). This creative essay needs to be submitted via Turnitin and a hard copy submitted via Medical Sciences reception. Topic The topic will be one of the following options for the purpose of the exercise. 1. What process does your organisation use to measure and monitor the effectiveness of its services? 2. What do you believe are the most common issues facing leaders and managers in your workplace? 3. Provide an example of how you managed a complex staffing/team situation. Provide examples of strategies you needed to consider. Essay length Approx. 2000 words Format Your essay will be a descriptive essay supported by evidence from the literature including both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed sources e.g. journals, books and personal experience. It will be up to you to validate your sources to ensure the credibility of your essay. You should use illustrations and pictures where possible to support the newsworthiness of your essay topic. If you have downloaded images from the web or scanned images always include the source and permission to use if required. The essay should be word-processed in double spacing using Times New Roman and no less than 12 point font size.


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