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Music appreciation

1))))))Comparative study – One-two page paper 

You have studied The Middle Ages, The Renaissance Period, and The Baroque Period.

1. Write a comparative study paper on the three stylistic periods.

In your paper respond to the following questions and/or statements:

1. Discuss the characteristics of all three periods.

2. Compare and discuss the differences in the way vocal music was a song in all three periods. Include your understanding of the varied styles of choral music.

4. Are there any similarities within the three periods vocally.

5. Highlight instrumental music in all three periods.

6. How was music used in the church in all three periods?

2)))))))) Narrative Overview of all Four stylistic Periods: The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The Baroque Period, and The Classical Period

1. Write up a narrative overview of music characteristics of all four stylistic periods based upon your understanding of music through the different time periods.  You are not to research the topics because you should have a clear understanding about each period.

2. Write up all the styles of music that you have discovered in this class as well as noting all the composers that you have become familiar with.  Do not use any notes.  Just try to think of your experience and music matters that you have learned during this class in regards to styles of music and composers.


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