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Marketing homework help. Functional Software testing
Part 0: Install Open Office
Testing Assignment 2 will use OpenOffice as a Platform for functional testing.
Download and Install OpenOffice from (Links to an external site.) . If you have any concerns or questions on this installation, please contact the class TA.
Part 1: Boundary and Equivalence Class Testing
For these testing exercises, use the Calc spreadsheet module of OpenOffice. Prepare test cases for at least one feature within the Calc module.
Boundary Testing – Identify one or more input parameters on a feature within the spreadsheet module to perform boundary testing. Use the robust testing method as described by Jorgensen in Chapter 5 to build the test cases to be executed.
Equivalence Class Testing – Based on the input domain, define an appropriate set of equivalence classes for functional testing. Use strong robust equivalence class testing as described by Jorgensen in Chapter 6 to build the test cases to be executed.
Part 2: Functional Testing Paradigms
For these testing exercises, use the Impress presentation module of OpenOffice. Use different Impress features for two functional testing paradigms – Exploratory testing and stress testing.
Exploratory Testing – Use your own experience and devious nature to develop interesting test cases that you believe will lead to the discovery of defects. Explain your reasoning behind the selection of your exploratory test cases.
Stress Testing – Develop test cases that stress the resource requirements of the selected Impress feature.
Prepare a report that clearly demonstrates your understanding and use of these testing techniques. The report should include the following for each of the testing techniques chosen above:
A brief analysis of the feature being tested – what it does, what aspect of it you would be testing, why you think the particular testing method selected would be apt for testing that aspect of the feature, etc.
A description of the full set of test cases developed.
3 – 5 of the most interesting test cases. Report each test case using Functional Test Case Reporting Forms attached to this assignment.
Complete Defect Reporting Forms if running a test case results in a failure. Report the defect using the report form attached. It is expected that the test cases prepared by you will be instrumental in finding several defects in the OpenOffice modules being tested.

Marketing homework help


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