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Charlie is a limited partner in a limited partnership. Charlie has recently been contacted by an attorney to review some of Charlie’s recent activities.  Discuss Charlie’s liability for each of the following statements and actions.

  • Charlie has been hired as a consultant for the limited partnership
  • Charlie identified several management problems and made recommendations that included removing one of the general partners, expanding into an additional line of business, and borrowing substantial money to finance the expansion.
  • At a partnership meeting to discuss Charlie’s recommendations, Charlie voted to remove the partner, expand the business and borrow money.
  • To get the loan to finance the business, Charlie executed a personal guarantee on the loan.
  • The partnership dissolved after a short period of time.  Upon dissolution, the partnership debts exceeded the assets.  Numerous creditors claim that Charlie should be considered a general partner.

For maximum points, please be sure to support your opinion in two full pages (APA Format, Time New Roman, 12pt font) with facts from research or resources along with citation of those sources.


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