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Literature Review

Group Project Week 4: Literature Review

Workplace violence is usually perpetrated by disgruntled employees, customers, or a domestic violence/stalking relationship that surfaces at a workplace. Stressful situations are a precursor to workplace violence.  At different times in an individual’s life, they have been exposed to a stressful situation.  The outcome to the situation will often be unique to the individual.

Sometimes, when people get upset they walk away; other times they encounter situations that force them to confront the unwarranted event.   The behaviours displayed by the aggressor are intended to sway personal choice.  People that create violent situations feel they are in control of a situation or a person (Rizzo & Philpott, 2012).

Workplace issues require tact when issues arise. If disruptive behaviour persists, management is consulted to obtain resolution. It is not uncommon for aggressive behaviour to proceed into physical violence in the workplace (Dillona, 2012). When employees are not satisfied with the outcome of the reported issue, they take matters into their hands.

Often disgruntled employees will produce an undesirable workplace atmosphere.  The individuals reach a breaking point, and they act upon it (Rizzo & Philpott, 2012). Education and training to prevent, identify and de-escalate violent episodes is the responsibility of the employer.

Workplace violence exists for many different reasons and has become an acceptable norm in various organizations. Social media have provided an outlet to showcase highly publicized violent episodes that occur on a daily basis.  The negative occurrences are insignificant to many, only eliciting response when directly affecting the individual.

It is the responsibility of the employee to provide a safe environment, and this is not occurring in many organizations.  Research points out a 70 percent failure rate for employees to provide necessary programs and policies to assist with managing problems in the workplace (Dillona, 2012). It is not necessary for individuals to sustain bodily harm while at work. Employers are accountable for employee injuries particularly if undergone workplace violence training.

It is essential for employees to attend anger management sessions to assist with undesirable behaviour issues. When behavioural issues are unresolved, the negative outcome from altercation cause medical and litigation costs (Dillona, 2012). The climbing cost for injured employees requires immediate attention as the problem infiltrating various organizations.

It may be necessary for employers to complete background checks for individuals that continue to display violent behaviour after attending educational sessions.  Employers are responsible for both internal and external safety issues for ensuring employees are safe while at work.  Proper lighting and security are essential for maintaining a safe work environment.

With proper training for managing and deescalating violent occurrences, employees will feel safe while engaging with others at work.  We are all human and become angry when managing stressful situations. With the right tools and education, overcoming workplace violence situations will be simplified.


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