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Journal Entry on Health Promotion Information

Journal Entry on Health Promotion Information
My current goal is to lose weight in order to prevent getting major chronic diseases such as Diabetes that start to show symptoms later in life. WebMD is one of the trusted sources that I will use in order to find health promotion information related to losing weight and diabetes. According to the analysis that was done for assignment two of this week, WebMD website is qualified to provide health information to consumers. This website is objective, Accurate, is unique in content and style and has the relevant credentials for a health informative website (Wilkas,2002). For example it has a HONcode icon at the bottom of the page that ensures the quality, and objectivity of the medical information presented to the audiences (Type 2 Diabetes, 2014).
Another source that I will be using is a website called “Medline Plus” by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. This website has some unique features such as relevant videos, prevention and screening that may help me to find ways to screen for the disease in order to start the treatment process early since I am considered very high risk for this disease. The website also tells us about A1C testing that can give us accurate diagnosis for the disease. This website is updated on periodical bases (last update of the diabetes page was December 14, 2014), the contents are neutral in tone, and there is not a lot of advertisement seen on the website, which makes it a reliable source for me to consider (Wilkas, 2002).
By reading the WebMD page for diabetes disease I noticed that I have three of the major risk factors for the disease; individuals, who have low HDL cholesterol, are overweight and have family members who have diabetes type two are at increased risk for this disease (Type 2 Diabetes, 2014). And I realized the importance of continuing with exercising to lose weight in order to prevent getting this disease. I have accommodated exercising as a routine to my daily activities; running around my neighborhood for thirty minutes a day as a less costly way of exercising has helped me lose some weight. The biggest challenge to my goal has been replacing junk food such as chips with vegetables as I have a habit of snaking on chips and chocolates when taking a break from studies. But now that I have been away from my favorite snacks for a while I am getting used to my daily routines to lose some weight.


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