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Introduction to geography

Description: This assignment tasks you with writing an essay that highlights some of the things you’ve learned this semester in Geography 102. You will write a essay with a minimum of five paragraphs that talks about three concepts/topics/ideas from class you’ve learned, and give place-specific examples of these concepts in action.

You will use the introduction and conclusion to talk about how these three examples are interrelated. This assignment will require you to do research, find quotes that support your argument, and properly cite your sources. Assignment requirements and outline: •

At least 5 full paragraphs, and no less than 2 pages of text single spaced. ◦ Introduction paragraph, at least three main body paragraphs, conclusion paragraph ◦ Each paragraph must be no less than 5 sentences.

Introduction requirements: ◦ A main topic sentence that tells the reader what to expect in this essay. ◦ Some basic background information about geography and/or world regions related to your topics the reader ◦

You should have at least one source for each main body paragraph. ◦ Each main body paragraph needs either: ▪ A quote from your sources ▪ Some sort of fact/statistic/figure from your source ◦ An in text reference to your source • Conclusion paragraph:

Please write you essay pretending the reader will not know anything except basic geography facts (maybe what you knew before the start of this semester), even though you know I will be reading it. This is good practice for future technical and academic writing. ◦ Tip: Imagine a relative/friend who is smart but hasn’t taken this class is going to read it. What will they need to know to understand it?

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