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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

Assignment Data Governance Paper


Many theorists call the age we live in the Information Age. Information is derived from data. Business organizations today have a lot of data and there is a need to oversee and manage this data. The complexity and realm of the data can include a mixture of old/new data, different data structures, social media data, data generated as synchronous (such as virtual meetings) or asynchronous (such as email), web site data, third-party data, traditional data (such as sales) and the list could go on and on. The government always had some rules and regulations for data but, mostly structured data. As the information age has come to term these rules and regulations have been forced to be modernized. Organizations as well, have always needed some oversight over data but, currently many companies have a need for a stronger hold on governing data.


In this paper explain the concept of data governance. Focus on several rules and regulations the government has enacted over the past several decades to modernize the oversight companies must keep over their different types of data. Explain what type of agenda a company could adopt to govern the different types, amount and structures of data encompassed within the organization. Explain how this data governance plan can create information to gather knowledge in order to positively transform the organization.

Writing Requirements

·        2-page paper (minimum 400 words a page) not including the title page or reference page
·        Cite 2 different sources in paper

Weekly Learning Goal(s): [No. 1]

1.    Examine and analyze the concepts of internal policies, external regulations, technical standards and the relationship of these concepts to data analytics. (CLO #5)

Information Systems homework help


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