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Information Systems homework help

Scenario 1
Resistance to change is a normal everyday aspect in the workplace.
Answer the following question(s):
Discuss what happens to the organizational climate when this resistance occurs and any tactics to reduce negative connotations when dealing with change.
Imagine that you are replying to other’s answers on the same topic and write 2 replies each consisting at least 250 words
Scenario 1 Submission Requirements
Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double-space
Citation Style: APA
Answer Length: At least 500 words
Replies length: 2 replies at least 250 words for each reply
References: At least 2 credible scholarly references for the answer
No Plagiarism
Please note I need 500 words answer to the above question along with that 2 replies of 250 words each (imagine that you are replying to others answers when writing replies)


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