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Chapter 13 – Our observations from the case study reading in the chapter material, Leadership and Management in Complex Systems research by Jager and van der Vegt (2005), is that leadership scholars seem to acknowledge the dynamic nature of leadership and have developed models and frameworks to organize and describe the factors that are important.  However, empirical research to test these models is scarce.  The authors have suggested several reasons for the lack of such research on dynamic leadership processes.
Q1: Carefully identify at least four (4) reasons, and provide a brief narrative about each reason, and why the authors provided that reason?  what are those four reasons for the lack of research? provide a brief narrative for each reason to support your response
Chapter 13 – According to our chapter case study, agent-based gaming projects have been noted as requiring the interaction between many different actors with possible turbulences.  Following this research viewpoint, Jager et al. (2000), what are the functions of agent-based models in the simulated market?
Q2: What is the function of the agent-based model in the simulated market?
identify and name the function(s),  provide a short and succinct narrative of each


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