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Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. he topic of this week’s learning segment is “The Art of Persuasion”. You will learn the ability to persuade others to understand your viewpoint and to agree with you.
Knowing how to convince people of your perspective is very important in business communications. As it says in your Week 5 syllabus description, “Persuasion requires more than the ability to mold an opinion; it requires the ability to inspire action.”
Think of a new product, idea or proposal to start a company you would like to have a Shark invest in. It can be real or imaginary.  For your Discussion post, you will be asked to imagine you are actually on “Shark Tank,” and are trying to get the sharks to invest in your idea, product, and/or company.
If you are not familiar with Shark Tank you can check this out to get a sense of how a pitch goes in this venue:
As you begin your readings, watching the videos, and thinking about your Discussion Post this week, I would like to offer you some items that you should consider including in your response:

  • who you are (be personable when you introduce yourself; engage)
  • include your name, the name of your company and the name of the product
  • why you are here
  • tell me my problem that you want to solve
  • introduce your hook
  • tell a story: empathy, get me interested (*I often lead with a story when I am pitching to hook my audience in.)
  • describe your product or service
  • mention its differentiating advantages
  • use a pitch as described in this week’s reading material
  • make up data and statistics: is the product in production; is the service being offered;  how many have you already sold; costs, profits, revenue, where (city, states, countries); how is it being used; consumer excitement, etc.
  • tell me what you will do with the money you get from me, i.e. build the item or App, more marketing, build a factory, speed up production, hire more people, etc.
  • describe your persuasive technique and why you chose it (from the reading)
  • do not forget the ask or call to action; how much money you want and what percentage of the business you are offering them

Remember, you only have 1-2 minutes to make your “elevator pitch”. This is an imaginary scenario, so use your imagination with the product or service you have invented.
After your pitch, remember to tell us about the persuasive techniques you used and why you chose them. Please include the application of and references to both this week’s reading material and external sources.
Please have fun with this discussion and let your imagination run wild.

Human Resource Management homework help


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