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Human Resource Management homework help

select ONE artwork from module 4 and ONE artwork from module 5. In a three-page essay, you
will compare these two objects. You will create a thesis statement that explains the reason for one
significant similarity OR difference between your two objects. Your thesis statement should include
some aspect of ICONOLOGY; that is, the background culture of each work.
PARAGRAPH ONE: Introduce your objects and state your thesis. Your thesis will explain the REASON for
one similarity OR one difference between your art objects.
BODY PARAGRAPHS (between 3 and 6 paragraphs): Each body paragraph will describe BOTH objects in
terms of ONE category of formal analysis (line, shape, texture, etc.)
SYNTHESIS PARAGRAPHS (between 2 and 4 paragraphs): You will explain the background of both works
of art (iconology).
SUMMARY PARAGRAPH: RESTATE your thesis and add a few points about the iconology of your works.
Papers must be double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Acceptable formats are PDF and Word
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