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Geography homework help

Geography homework help. ESSAYS (5 points each)
Choose two of the questions below.   Answer each in a 3-5 paragraph essay.   Make sure that your essay has a thesis, and that each paragraph has a topic sentence.   Avoid vague, general statements—-the more specific and concrete you are, the more highly you will be scored!
1) Supranational organizations have profoundly reshaped the world system in the last 40 years.  Define supranational organization, and give three examples, and explain the way each organization has changed geopolitics, economics, population movements, the environment, or other issues of global importance.
2) The industrialization of agriculture has had profound effects on human beings and the environment.   In your essay, explain how industrializing agriculture has changed the way people grow food, and discuss three effects of industrializing the food supply.
3) The Green Revolution was a huge change in global agriculture.  Discuss what was it meant to achieve, and discuss three positive and/or negative effects it actually achieved.
4) What is a symbolic landscape?  Describe one you know, and discuss three of the key messages it imparts to the people who pass through it.   Your answer will be judged on how well you analyze the social, cultural, economic or political effects of this landscape.
5) The number of displaced people has risen exponentially in the last four decades.   Give three reasons why this is so, explaining each one of them and why it contributes to the rise in the number of displaced people in the world.

Geography homework help


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