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Family Caregivers

  1. Health Reform

The author(s) state; “Health reform also presents opportunities to make a positive impact on health and behavioral health systems, services, and payer sources.” Discuss how this would be accomplished and at what cost to the economy.

  1. Family Caregivers

Should government pay family caregivers who care for family members who have long term disability in lieu of institutionalization? Why or why not?

  1. Incentives

What incentives are necessary so that providers would voluntarily fulfill the role desired by their patients and deliver care that is in the patients’ best interest? If these incentives are generally financial in nature, how will these incentives be funded?

  1. Life Expectancy

What are some of the reasons why life expectancy and good health continue to increase in some parts of the world and fail to improve in others? What best practices can be applied to those areas of the world failing to gain improvements in life expectancy and good health?

  1. Global Health Equity

How can public sector leadership and the private sector collaborate to contribute to global health equity?

  1. Vulnerability of Older People

Discuss the vulnerability of older people in times of social and economic crisis. Are they really any more vulnerable than other sectors of the population during a crisis?


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