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. Explain how the nursing developments compare.

Using these two countries CANADA and the USA  the discuss the following:

  1. Analyze the historical development of nursing and the nursing profession in those countries, including education, ethical perspectives, and nursing and health care organizations and institutions. Explain how the nursing developments compare.
  2. include a review of the socio-cultural environment, wars, diseases and disasters, aging population, and the economy of those countries
  3. Synthesize how the historical developments impacted the current accessibility, quality and outcomes of the health care system in both countries.
  4. What, if any, influence did each country have on other countries and what caused or triggered the influence?
  5. Relate this deeper understanding of nursing to your future role in health care. Why is understanding this history important?

Outline of paper

  1. Canada and the USA
  2. Nursing Development
    1. Key Points (events that influenced the development of nursing in CANADA and the USA)


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