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Ethical Issues for Forensic Psychologists

Assignment 2: LASA 1: Ethical Issues for Forensic PsychologistsRead the following current version of the ethical guidelines by the American Psychology-Law Society: This assignment is designed to help you synthesize and apply the current version of the ethical guidelines of forensic psychology to what you have been learning about the relationship of substance abuse in the criminal justice system assessment diagnosis and ethical considerations.After thoroughly reading the ethical guidelines of forensic psychology review the following scenarios and questions and respond to each question thoroughly. Your paper should reflect an understanding of applying the ethical standards to the course material.Your report should be at least 5 pages long. Remember to also include a cover page and reference page and to support your arguments with information drawn from the ethical guidelines of the American Psychology-Law Society the online content the textbook and other credible scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are making. Apply APA standards for writing and citations to your work.Submit your response to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Wednesday June 21 2017. Name your assignment as follows: LastName_FirstInitial_PSY494_M3A2.doc.


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