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English homework help

English homework help.

Your research paper will be an in-depth exploration of a pop culture phenomenon or case study(A Movie) You will analyze this case study in relation toGLOBALIZATION OF POPULAR CULTURE theoretical approaches that we have studied in class.
it MUST be related to a specific case study or example. This is not optional. Your paper should engage fully with both the case study, class concepts, and sources that you have found in your research.
I have 2 articles on the movie Frankenstein. This movie would be a good example.
The paper should be approximately 1700 words in length and must follow APA or MLA formatting and citation guidelines throughout. The paper must contain the following elements:
·  Title page and References/Works Cited
·  At least 3 secondary sources (only 2 of which may be readings that we have done in this course). These sources should be scholarly in nature (if you are not sure what this means or have difficulty finding sources, see me for assistance).
·  A maximum of 2 primary sources (the pop culture examples that you will be writing about in your essay)
·  At least 8 total in-text citations
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English homework help


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