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English homework help

English homework help. Write a cause and effect essay based on one of the following prompts:
1)        For what reasons did you choose your major? This essay would only discuss causes.
2)       Consider a time when you succeeded or failed at something important. Explain either the reasons why you succeeded/failed or the consequences of succeeding/failing. Choose either causes or effects.
3)       Consider a big decision that you made in the past. Explain the reasons for your decision or the effects of that decision. Choose either causes or effects.
4)       Consider the consequences of having distractions in a class. This essay would only discuss effects.
5)       What are the causes or effects of having a specific health problem? Choose one health problem to discuss. Explain either causes or effects in this essay.
The essay must have at least 350 words, a unique title, an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, two to three body paragraphs with transitions and supporting details, and a conclusion paragraph. Please skip lines on the final test writing pages.
In this cause and effect essay, you must do several things:
1)       Make sure to focus on either causes or effects. Also, be certain to address the topic given in the prompt that you choose.
2)       Order your body paragraphs in either time order or in order of importance. Use transitions to help move smoothly from one cause/effect to the other cause/effect.
3)       Don’t just assume two things are linked. You must explain the relationship fully.
You may use your textbook, your notes/handouts, and a dictionary as you complete the assignment. Use your time wisely.

English homework help


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