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English homework help

English homework help. EDUC-670 Project #3: Research Proposal
The purpose of this assignment is to give you a chance to synthesize theories and research findings in
SLD to come up with a research proposal. Your research proposal should include the following
(1) Introduction
(2) Theoretical background/Literature review:
In this section, you will provide the theoretical and empirical background of your study. You
should discuss at least 5 primary research studies. Based on this discussion/review of
previous research, you will demonstrate the need for your proposed study. If relevant, you
may include the 3 research studies you reviewed in Project #2.
Introduction +Theoretical background/Literature review may be around 4 – 5 pages
And Research question(s) + Methods may be around 3 – 4 pages
(3) Research question(s):
State the research question(s) that you will address in your proposed research.
(4) Methods:
Provide a description of the methods that you will use to gather data and answer your
research questions. You may choose a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods design.
Also include a brief description of how you plan to analyze the data. Also state your expected
Notes: must have expected finding!! Which means you should be able to answer the research
It would be better to include several parts like Participants, Procedures, Data analysis,
Expected findings with subheadings in Methods
Use the Textbook Ortega (2013) as reference
Be specific, my original topic is Crosslinguistic influence on L2 Grammar, but maybe L2
Grammar is still too broad, narrow it down to a smaller area? Or you can change the topic if
you want
The paper should be 8-10 pages (excluding references), doubled-spaced, 12-point font,
standard margins. It should follow APA format.
Evaluation will be based on:
a) Content
▪ The purpose of the study is stated clearly with sufficient explanation for the need to
conduct the proposed study.
▪ At least five relevant previous studies are selected and sufficiently discussed in
connection with the overall proposed study.
▪ The research questions have been stated clearly and can be answered through the study.
(They are not too ambitious to the point that they cannot be answered through the study.)
▪ The methods selected are appropriate for answering the research questions. The methods
to be used are explained in sufficient detail.
▪ The plans for data analysis and the expected findings are clearly stated.
b) Organization
▪ The paper is written in a logical order.
▪ The transition between ideas is clear so that the paper is easy to follow.
c) Writing/format
▪ The overall writing of the paper is clear.
▪ The paper follows the required format.
Some additional resources that may be helpful:
➢ Quantitative research guidelines:
➢ Qualitative research-Case study guidelines:

English homework help


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