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English homework help

English homework help. Instructions Prompt
Create clear, persuasive documents for a specific audience; understand
and apply genre conventions; use visuals effectively and strategically;
practice making documentation accessible; understand the differences
between procedures, tasks, phases, and steps
You will write the instructions that will appear in your manual for this
project. If your manual will contain more than 1 set of instructions, you
can choose 1 set to write for this project. The instructions will contain:
• an equipment list
• general warnings/cautions (as needed)
• numbered steps
• Note: Begin each step with an action verb
• Note: Include step-specific cautions or warnings as needed
• images or videos, as needed
• image descriptions or video captions to make the instructions
more accessible
You will also write a reflective memo addressed to me that discusses
the following questions:
 How did you take your audience’s knowledge and needs into
account as you wrote the instructions?
 How did you organize your instructions? Why?
 How did you decide whether to include cautions/warnings or not?
Why did you decide to put the cautions/warnings where you did?
 How did you decide which visuals to include in your instructions?
 What challenges or opportunities did you encounter when creating
image descriptions or video captions?
 The instructions and memo together should total 700-1,000 words.
 Use lists, bullet points, headings, and other formatting to make
your instructions easy to navigate.
 Single-space the document and use blank lines to separate
 Cite any outside information or images using a citation style you
are familiar with.
Commenting Standards
This project is worth 15 points. Successful instructions will
 be accurate, clear, and concise
 demonstrate an understanding of the audience’s existing
knowledge and needs
 use organizational strategies to enhance the readers’
 be ethical by including necessary cautions and/or warnings
 use strategies to increase document accessibility
 include a thoughtful and thorough reflective memo
Important Dates
May 7: Post a draft of your instructions to the Canvas discussion
board by 11:59 PM.
May 17: Submit the revised project to Canvas by 11:59 PM.

English homework help


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