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Students are to attend a religious ceremony preferably of a faith tradition other than their own and write about the experience. In so doing the student will research the religious denomination, outline its tenets and major belief and explain its affiliations. The student will explain the ceremony and its significance within the faith life of the community. Particular attention should be given to the sermon, homily or moral discourse that was offered at the ceremony. Finally, students must supply a link to the religious community and submit as accompanying documentation a bulletin, flyer or congregation notes for the congregation. As per the syllabus this assignment will constitute twenty (20%) percent of the student overall grade for the course.
Introduction/Overview: (Two pages)
In this portion of the paper the students are to name the religious denomination that they selected and outline the major beliefs and structure of the religion. In this section students should also explain the affiliation that the local congregation has to the founding religion. As an example, if a student attended a reform temple in Judaism the student would outline the belief of reform Judaism major tenets and how it differs from other branches of Judaism as well as the affiliation of the temple.
Ceremony: (Three pages)
Students are to identify and explain the ceremony that they attended and list and document the date attended. In this section attention must be given to the elements of the ceremony including an overview from the homily, sermon or moral discourse offered during the ceremony.
Conclusion: (Two pages)
In this section students are to provide a summary of the experience of the assignment and any lessons learned. Did they find the experience valuable? Did the student learn from the assignment? If so what was gleaned from attending the ceremony?
The paper is to be seven pages double spaced 12-point print. Students should have a cover page that is not part of the page count. The cover page must list the title of the religion selected and the congregation identified, and the date and name of the ceremony attended. On the cover page the students should list their name, class and professor name as well as a date submitted.


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