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Education homework help

Education homework help.

 *There are three parts (Part A, Part B, Part C) to this assignment that must be uploaded separately
Answer the following question. AND READ/ ANSWER CAREFULLY!!!!
Students will be exposed to a variety of learning style inventories and will be asked to participate in conducting a self-administered learning style inventory on the internet. There are many free ones on the web and you should not be required to purchase or pay for the use of the learning style inventory.
What is Learning Styles? (Link Below)

Example of a self-administered Learning Style inventory.
– Part A- submit a copy of the results of the inventory. (Answer the “Example of a self-administered Learning Style inventory.” and upload your results here.
– Part B- Read the articles: “Think You’re an Auditory or Visual Learner?” (FILE BELOW) and “ Teaching to the learning Styles of Multi-modal learners.” (FILE BELOW). Write a short one page reaction to the two articles stating if you are pro or con on the use of a learning styles inventory. Write a 1 page paper.
-Part C- Write a reflection as to “how would you use a learning style inventory in a classroom to help you prepare lesson plans and to meet the learning style needs of the students in your classroom. Include what you found out about yourself in the self-assessment (“Example of a self-administered Learning Style inventory.”) Write a 1 page paper.
The total for the reaction and reflection should be approximately 2 pages.
There are three parts (Part A, Part B, Part C) to this assignment that must be uploaded separately
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Education homework help


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