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Drug Administration

As one of the most widely-used he market Rofecobix highlights issues facing public health leaders during a drug recall.With approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 1999 Merck marketed the drug for public use. In 2004 the drug was recalled for safety and cardiovascular problems developed in patients taking the medication (Topol 2004). With nearly $2.5 billion dollars in sales and over 80 million people exposed to the drug Mercks recall turned into a public firestorm of litigation cases against the corporation.In this weeks article by Topol the author addresses the scandal surrounding safety concerns and the drug recall of Rofecobix. Use the Learning Resources as well as 24 additional resources from the Walden Library current events etc. to consider the facts in the case. Think about the traits and skills of the primary leaders. After considering the issues in the case work with your group to address possible shortcomings of primary leadership and systemic issues. Also as a group think about strategies for improvements that use a systems thinking approach.Individual Case Study Analysis (12 pages)


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