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Discuss the role of evidence-based practice in the provision of professional nursing care

uestion Description

  • Must be 300 words.
  • Use book and an outside scholarly source. Here is book-Hood, L. J. (2018). Leddy & Pepper’s professional nursing (9th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Propose individualized comprehensive care by integrating theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines when planning comprehensive patient-centered care. (PO1)

CO8: Discuss the role of evidence-based practice in the provision of professional nursing care. (PO8)

Select a challenging nursing care issue (examples include falls, medication errors, pressure ulcers, and other clinical issues that can be improved by evidence in nursing). Do not select a medical issue (disease, medical treatment). Do not select a workforce issue (staffing, call-offs, nurse to patient ratios). Explain the following for the selected clinical issue.

  • State the issue.
  • This week in the thread we are focusing on a nursing issue and using evidence based practice (EBP) to address that issue. PLEASE DO NOT POST ON A WORKFORCE ISSUE SUCH AS STAFFING. This needs to be a clinical issue.
  • You have two parts to the thread that you expected to post on. First choose a clinical nursing issue that interests you or is related to your practice area. It might be something you are passionate about or are just curious about.
  • Then, comes the second part. Describe how you would conduct a search for a nursing journal article in the library. This is a process question. Go through the steps. If you wish to cite an article you found that is fine but not required, however, you could cite the article you are using for your professional paper. APA Format is not graded in the discussions but please provide enough information to locate the reference. I look forward to hearing about nursing issues that are important to you!

Explain the process you would use to search CINAHL for evidence. Include your search terms.


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