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death rate for all causes. What generalization can be made about changes in disease rate that have occurred between 1900

SSee attachmeent for details regarding this assignment. It is due on sunday 12pm CST , it is important to resspond to all questions showing all calculations were require , and above all in text citations . a reference page is also reqquire at the end all in APA format . there is an appendix table thaat is needed to complet this assignment thats is not incleded hear , so if you send me an email address i will scan it and send to you by email ssince i caannot attache it i will be waiting for your prompt respond .Document Preview: 

This assignment is due on Sunday Sept 2, 6am CST , it should contain a minimum of 600 words , and a reference page at the end . All calculations should be properly demonstrated and all questions should be properly and clearly responded to all in APA format . In text citation is highly require for this assignment. All questions must be clearly answered.1)Name three approaches for prevention (primary, secondary , tertiary ) of each of the following heath problems/conditions-Motor Vehicles accident -obesity -Hepatitis A-Hepatitis B and C -food borne Illness and cruise ships- Mortality due to gang violence 2) How does the rules of evidence for criminality similar or different from the rules of evidence for disease causality?3) The following questions refer to table 2A-1 in Appendix 2 attached with this file . a) calculate the percentage decline in the death rate for all causes. What generalization can be made about changes in disease rate that have occurred between 1900 and the present?b) Contrast the changes is death rates due to cancer, heart diseases , and cerebra vascular diseases. What additional information would be useful to specify better the changes in this conditions?c) Note the decline in mortality for the four communicable disease ( 1,2,3 and 10). With the exception of pneumonia and influenza, these are no longer among the 10 leading causes of death. Can you speculate regarding how much of each is due to environmental improvements and how much to specific preventive and curative practices?d) Among the 10 leading courses of death in 2003 were chronic lower respiratory diseases ( 43.5 per 100,000 – Rank 4 ), diabetes ( 25.5 per 100,000— rank 6 ) , Alzheimer’s disease ( 21.8 per 100,000 —rank 8), and septicemia (11.7 per …



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