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Construct your personal professional code of behavior.

Construct your personal professional code of behavior.

Description: Construct a 5 10 point personal professional code of behavior to include both ethical and

legal standards for healthcare practice. As part of your assessment, a) compare and contrast your

personal professional code of behavior with the professional code of ethics for your particular healthcare

specialty and b) provide a rationale for why you included the points you did. Attach your created professional code of ethics and specialty s professional code of ethics used as a comparison point to the appendix.

I work in healthcare similar to that of an LPN/LVN so any hospital or nursing professional code of ethics you can find will do…may jus have to be modifiied a little


Option a or b: 2 6 pages; excluding any title page, 2 references, appendices, APA format

Unit 7-A Assignment Grading Rubric = 100 points (Assignment Option A)

Assignment Requirements Points



earned by


Create a 5 10-point professional code of


0 40

Compare and contrast own code of ethics with

that of the healthcare specialty

0 20

Describe the rationale for each point in your

professional code.

0 40

Total (Sum of all points)

Points deducted for spelling, grammar, and/or

APA errors.


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