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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

# Tower of Hanoi
# For this assignment, we will create a program that will allow a user to play
# Tower of Hanoi
# 1. Pegs can only be moved to be on top of larger pegs
# 2. Only the top peg from any given stack can be moved
# 3. You win the game by moving the entire pegs from the
# first tower to the third tower.
# Any moves that violate any of the rules are illegal moves
# Instructions
# 1. This assignment only requires you to build the Tower
# of Hanoi with 3 pegs
# 2. Your program should ask the user to enter the source
# stack and the destination stack
# 3. Your program should check if a legal move can be made
# from the source stack to the destination stack
# 3.1 If the move is legal, then your program makes the move
# and display the state of the board after the move
# 3.2 If the move is not legal, then your program should
# tell the user the move is not legal so the user can
# try another one.
# Your program should repeat the above steps until
# the game is over

Computer Science homework help


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