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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. 1. Text mining – Text mining or text data mining is a process to extract high-quality information from the text. It is done through patterns and trends devised using statistical pattern learning. Firstly, the input data is structured. After structuring, patterns are derived from this structured data and finally, the output is evaluated and interpreted. The main applications of text mining include competitive intelligence, E-Discovery, National Security, and social media monitoring. It is a trending topic for the thesis in data mining.
Some research needs
Problem definition – In the first phase problem definition is listed i.e. business aims and objectives are determined taking into consideration certain factors like the current background and future prospective.
Data exploration – Required data is collected and explored using various statistical methods along with identification of underlying problems.
Data preparation – The data is prepared for modeling by cleansing and formatting the raw data in the desired way. The meaning of data is not changed while preparing.
Modeling – In this phase the data model is created by applying certain mathematical functions and modeling techniques. After the model is created it goes through validation and verification.
Evaluation – After the model is created, it is evaluated by a team of experts to check whether it satisfies business objectives or not.
Deployment – After evaluation, the model is deployed and further plans are made for its maintenance. A properly organized report is prepared with the summary of the work done.
Research paper Policy
• APA format
• Min number of pages are 15 pages
• Must have
o Contents with page numbers
o Abstract
o Introduction
o The problem
 Are there any sub-problems?
 Is there any issue need to be present concerning the problem?
o The solutions
 Steps of the solutions
o Compare the solution to other solution
o Any suggestion to improve the solution
o Conclusion
o References
• Missing one of the above will result -5/30 of the research paper
• Paper does not stick to the APA will result in 0 in the research paper

Computer Science homework help


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