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My #compstrat cadres – Once unflinching Luddite wag finally breaks with tradition to join rest of world to see the data writing on the wall re death of TV. What’s your take re: his panicked thoughts on where ‘brand building’ investment belongs? #hw
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Consider Ritson’s source of data for finally seeing what most of us have seen for the past 5+ years.
Consider his view on the CMO’s increasing sense of desperation of where to invest for ‘brand building’ not sales (?!).
Is he right about the “funnel” esp re his suggestions on Facebook and Youtube et al as targeted not mass channels/media?
What’s he missing re where people are and how to reach them with brand value?
What might be the implications for your project brand this semester?.
200-500 words should do it. Make em all count… 🙂


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