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See attachment for details concerning this assignment , it is important to use proper APA format for this assignment. Refere to the website for information to complet this assignment and also the media rrequested for more information to complet this assignmsnt. In text citation is highly require and a reference page must be included for each of the doocuments. Proper ggrammer and spellings should be use and also proper APA should be use for the references.Document Preview: 

This assignment is due on August 29, at 6am CST . APA format is to be use to be use to complete this assignment , proper in text citation should be use, and a reference page should be included at the end of each section. The similarity scores should not be more than 15%. SECTION A Write 400 words that respond to the following questions all in APA FORMAT , in text citation should be use and a reference page should also be included at the end of this section .For this exercise, you will need to view two sources of information. First, access the John Snow Case Study on the following website: on the John Snow Case Study Prologue and view Episodes 1-5 and the Epilogue to learn more about John Snow’s process of identifying the etiology (cause) of choleraSecond, view the HBO documentary “And the Band Played On” from Netflix or similar outlets or obtain the video at the public library or get a copy of the book (Shilts, 2000) to learn more about the CDC’s process of identifying the etiology of HIV/AIDS.Consider and discuss one or more of the following topics and questions. How were the processes of investigation similar and dissimilar for cholera and HIV/AIDS?What were the political/social challenges in both investigations?How do you think Snow would address HIV/AIDS and how would the CHC address cholera?



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