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Biology homework help

Biology homework help.

I need help answering these questions and a table. All files will be attached.
Part 1 Questions:
1. Which antiseptic was the most effective against each individual bacterium tested? Which antiseptic was the least effective?
2. Which antibiotic was the most effective against the bacteria from the Bacteria Transmission lab and the Known Bacterial Sample given?
3. Besides the zone of inhibition, what other factors (mode of action, toxicity, target organisms…) would you consider if prescribing an antibiotic to a patient infected by known bacteria?
4. Which of the food products was the most effective against the bacteria tested? Is the action of the food item bacteriostatic or bactericidal? How can you prove a compound is bacteriostatic?
5. How can the information obtained from the food bioactivity assay be applied or be useful into your daily life?
Part 2 Table (attached)
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  • attachment

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Biology homework help


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