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Biology homework help

Biology homework help.

Bio 103: Introduction to Human Biology
Research Essay
Choose ONE of the topics below to discuss in your essay:
· The Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering
· Advances in Stem Cell research
· The relationship between cancer and our diet
· Diabetes: a disease on the rise
· The global threat of infectious disease
· Understanding Cholesterol
Length: 2000 word essay in 12 point Time New Roman Font, 1.5 line spacing. Don’t forget your references!
1. Cover Page: Title of your essay, student names and ID numbers, word count, and submission date (this is not part of your word count). You can do this individually or as a group. Each group should have no more than 3 members.
2. Main Content: Made up of your a) Introduction: introduce your topic fully, b) Body: discuss your main points, and c) Conclusion: draw your conclusions and summarize your main findings.
3. References: Use standard APA referencing. (References are not part of your word count)
5- Grading: You will be scored as a group on:
· How well you accumulated the scientific evidence
· How well your article is written

Biology homework help


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