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Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Catherine Latterell. “Technology” P 411-420
Donald A. Norman. “The Psychology of People and Machines.” P. 463-471
Technology makes or lives better.
Technology has made our lives worse.
Technology has improved life in many ways and damaged the quality of life in many ways
You can make a compelling argument for each of these statements and intelligently support your position. AI, artificial intelligence is a technology that both excites and frightens us.  Donald A. Norman presents a thought-provoking essay raising questions about the benefits and the drawbacks of AI.
Question:. Is AI an emerging technology with a limitless future? Will it still be here in the future?  Will the benefits outweigh the down sides? Consider the plusses and minuses of AI and present a position on the future of AI. In addition, examine the impact AI may have on social communities such as your family and your country.
Proofing your work with care will help you avoid careless spelling errors and make sure your punctuation is accurate.  Each draft should show improvement and errors from the previous draft need to be addressed. Invigorate your paper with key vocabulary words that should be used when discussing technology.
find two quotes in each body paragraph. ( 3 body paragraph)
Not other resources, only the rescues that I posted.
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Article writing homework help


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